Mutual Housing Association

Location: Stamford, Connecticut
Area: Various
Completion: Ongoing
Design: Ongoing
Construction: Ongoing

In 1991, the 69 units constructed at Parkside Gables was a nationally-recognized Mutual Housing community located in Stamford, Connecticut. The property consists of 9 buildings in a townhouse-style design with individual entrances. Parkside Gables was built in cooperation with the Neighborhood Housing Services of Stamford and was the first Mutual Housing community to be built in Connecticut.

In 2013, Antinozzi Associates was awarded a design contract to renovate the Parkside Gables buildings (from Champ II funding) to focus on improving energy efficiency (envelope and heating plant), enhancing quality of life features of the property (upgrading landscaping, parking areas), and improving the unit interiors (painting, flooring, renovated kitchens and baths) to support an active group of residents – maintaining the long term affordability of the property. The total construction cost is estimated at $1,400,000.

Some of the priority capital improvements include, but are not limited to, replacement of boilers and hot water heaters to new high-efficiency models, new energy star-conforming air conditioners, a new emergency generator on site, a new perimeter security camera system, site renovation/repairs (parking, sidewalks, fencing, retaining walls and plantings), painting all unit interiors, new flooring for all unit interiors, repair/replacement of unit exterior, interior, and entrance doors, new garage doors with openers, renovation/upgrade of all unit bathrooms and fixtures, and renovation/upgrade of all unit kitchens including counters, cabinets appliances and flooring.