Location: Trumbull, Connecticut
Area: Various
Completion: Ongoing since 2010

Awarded an on-call architectural contract with the Town in 2010 (and renewed in 2012), Antinozzi Associates’ first assignment was to update the Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan for nine (9) major town buildings including two Town Libraries, the Town Hall and Annex, Police Headquarters Building, Senior Center, Public Works Yard, and the EMS Facility. The nine buildings totaled approximately 142,000 SF. The update to this Capital Improvement Report resulted in the pressing need for facility improvements throughout the town leading to our on-call design services contract.

Since our on-call contract began, Antinozzi Associates has provided design and construction administration services for almost 20 projects, including window/door replacements, expansion studies, elevator replacement at the Town Hall, four town roof replacement projects, a swimming pool renovation project at Hillcrest Middle School, and several school roof/window replacement projects. Most recent projects include the Police Department (window, roof, elevator), the Department of Public Works renovations, the Town Hall study, the Mary J. Sherlach Counseling Center study and renovations, the senior center renovations, and various upgrades for Trumbull High School.

“We have worked with Antinozzi Associates on many projects. In fact, the Town of Trumbull has used them virtually exclusively. Antinozzi has designed many projects for the town including but not limited to, major interior and exterior renovations, minor design work, as well as projects in our five year plan. Over the last several years Antinozzi Associates has provided architectural design services from the Schematic Design phase to Construction Documents, Bidding Phase and Construction Administration.

Antinozzi is very good to work with in all situations such as keeping scope of work within budget. They are a pleasure to work with and are very accommodating to the needs of the town.”

-Allen E. White, Director of Facilities, Town of Trumbull