Norwalk Design Center

Our office in Downtown Bridgeport is a hub of activity for our firm, but are you aware that Antinozzi Associates also has a bustling office in Norwalk? Establishing this branch at 301 Merritt 7 was a step toward expanding our firm’s corporate design services into lower Fairfield County. Since first opening in 2012, we have increased our own studio space threefold within the building – a much needed expansion to keep up with the increase in workload and need for more staff. In 2018 we relocated from our initial spot on the plaza level to an adjacent 2,000 sq. ft space.

With this redesign we incorporated a captivating entrance for building visitors who frequent our location next to the café, lounge, and Starbucks. Glass doors and finishes such as metallic paint and floor tiles encapsulate the entryway that features a project display, stimulating visual interest and inviting visitors over the threshold from the building core into our studio. The interior was transformed into an open, fun, and collaborative studio space that allows for greater interfacing among staff members.

The adjoining Design Center was enhanced to facilitate quality presentations for both internal purposes and client services and to accommodate our materials library and layout space. We added a pendant light fixture that can be adjusted from 2,000 to 6,000 Kelvin for accurate selection of finishes, which allows clients to see their desired product with the actual lighting of their office. Everything from the paint to the furnishings can be impacted by the color temperature of a room, with a noticeably dramatic difference from “warm white” at 2700K to “cool white” at 3500K, so this Design Center feature has been invaluable for selections and client presentations.

Although we typically find ourselves working in the Design Center, there was an additional need for a private meeting area. The glass-enclosed conference room provides a light-filled space while maintaining privacy. The space incorporates an interactive ENO board and a double-sided writeable glass film, providing the ability to present ideas and keep notes during a meeting from either the Design Center or conference room. We integrated state-of-the-art design elements throughout the office that visually aid our work such as the adjustable grid light fixtures in the Design Center and office area that brighten and invigorate our environment. The ceiling was raised to the maximum height; gypsum board was removed from the columns to expose the concrete for a more industrial look; carpeting was selected for its organic pattern with a signature pop of purple, which transitions to a neutral theme conducive to presentations as the open space flows into the Design Center, defining space without walls.

Our staff is enjoying their new state-of-the-art workplace that provides an atmosphere conducive to their creativity, collaboration, and productivity. Antinozzi Associates invites you to meet our Corporate Interiors team, see our new office, and explore your design options!