K-12 Schools

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Educational institutions sustain our culture. They are among the highest prized architectural commissions. Superior school design celebrates a community’s commitment to its children by combining an expansive learning environment and feeling of belonging by utilizing both contemporary and traditional designs.


Elementary School

Middle School

High School 

Roosevelt Elementary School+

Francis Walsh Intermediate School

West Haven High School*+

Geraldine Johnson Elementary School+

CREC Medical Professions and Teacher Preparation Academy+

Stratford High School*+

South End Elementary School

New Beginnings Family Academy*

CREC Medical Professions and Teacher Preparation Academy+

Spring Glen Elementary School*+

Scotts Ridge Middle School+

Eli Whitney Technical High School+

New Beginnings Family Academy*

Thomas Edison Magnet Middle School+

Orville H. Platt High School+

Chatfield-LoPresti Elementary School**+

Greater Hartford Arts Academy Middle School

Harding High School+

Saugatuck Elementary School

Chalk Hill Middle School*

Howell Cheney Technical High School+

North Mianus / Riverside Elementary Schools*

North Branford Intermediate School

Oxford High School*+

Stratford Academy-Honeyspot House**

Read Elementary & Middle School

Greenwich High School*

Hart Elementary School+

Roger Ludlowe Educational Complex*

Danbury High School

Mitchell Elementary School+

Rogers Park Middle School

Fairfield High School**+

Eli Whitney Elementary School*

Broadview Middle School

Bethlehem Elementary School

St. Thomas Aquinas School+

St. Thomas Aquinas School+

Jockey Hollow Middle School*+

    + Over 50% New Construction

Fawn Hollow School

 Wooster Middle School*

  * Included Feasibility Study

Stepney School

 ** Feasibility Study Only