No matter the project, whether corporate, institutional, small or large, collaborative spaces have been the current trend. Many of our clients today request to include a multifunctional space to meet, eat, work, study, or even relax. A space that is open yet inviting, having privacy while retaining visibility. Collaboration is taking over and changing the look and feel of many spaces.

This complex concept is made easy with high-back chairs, storage shelves, and for one of our recently completed projects, a “Seeyond” wall. The “Seeyond” wall is a freestanding wall that “features mobility for on-demand collaboration spaces and programmable LED lighting for dramatic effect.” It gives the designers flexibility in placement and style.

Like an optical illusion, the wall can seem like a well-defined rectangular structure from afar but up close its many dimensions, angles, and curvatures are revealed. Because of its dynamic quality, it can be appreciated from all angles and perspectives. For this particular project, the wall separates the walkway and private seating area. An intimate setting is created to feel both comfortable and inviting.

This design has a futuristic appeal and is fitting with today’s technology advancements. Images of the project are featured below.


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