Norwalk, CT, February 7, 2012Antinozzi Associates today announced the opening of a branch office in Norwalk, another step in the firm’s expanding service to lower Fairfield County, Conn., including Merritt 7 Corporate Park where the firm has been retained for on-call design services for the 1.5 million square foot office park.

In 2007, this 56 year-old architectural and interior design firm relocated its headquarters from Stratford to the Bijou Theater district in downtown Bridgeport.  That move was a critical step in the firm’s ongoing objective, easing interaction between its leaders and staff and local clients, community leaders, non-profit and philanthropic organizations.

“We are expanding into Norwalk to allow ourselves opportunities in lower Fairfield County,” said George Perham, Vice President and Principal-in-Charge of corporate and interiors contracts for the firm.  The Norwalk office is located in the Plaza level of Building 301 at the Merritt 7 Corporate Park, across from its property management company, Marcus Partners.

“After seeking the award in mid-2011 for an on-call interior design contract for the Corporate Park’s 1.5 million square feet of space,” Perham said, “we saw an opportunity to occupy space at Merritt 7 and commit staff and capital resources to a branch office.”

“This new office provides many advantages,” he added.  “By being part of the Merritt 7 Corporate Park family, management and tenants can reach us easily — on site, without needing to make a phone call or arrange a meeting.”

Additionally, Perham said the new location will allow the firm to become more active in the neighboring community as it expands corporate business development and marketing efforts in lower Fairfield and Westchester Counties.

Perham will lead the new Antinozzi Associates’ Norwalk office along with Stephanie Barbagiovanni, who has been named the head designer in the office.

“Stephanie, a registered Interior Designer, is a nine-year veteran at Antinozzi Associates,” Perham said.  “We all hold her in high regard, not only for her design talent, but for her willingness to ensure clients get what they want, when they want it.”

“I am very honored by this opportunity to work with everyone involved at Merritt 7 – from the management company to all of the tenants,” said Barbagiovanni.  “I look forward to getting actively engaged with the local Norwalk community, as well as helping our firm become a key design contributor in the surrounding area.”

Also leading the effort is Jamie Curtin, a recent graduate of Paier College of Art, who joined the firm specifically to work in the Norwalk office.  Curtin “has the personality required to take on many of the everyday design duties.  Her ability to multi-task is what sets her apart, and what will be valuable towards the success of this new endeavor,” Perham said.

With state-of-the-art technology connecting the Bridgeport and Norwalk locations, the Norwalk office retains the power of the entire 30-member firm.  “With this type of high-tech connectivity, Antinozzi Associates will hold true to our motto that ‘no project is too big or too small,’” Perham said.