Antinozzi_RoseveltElementary_11November 20, 2015 – Bridgeport, CT – Antinozzi Associates has recently announced the completion of the new Roosevelt Elementary School, in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Antinozzi Associates was awarded this $44.7M project in 2010. The budget included demolition of the existing 105,000 SF building and construction of a new 85,000SF school building on a 5.3 acre site. The new school accommodates a Pre-K through 8th grade curriculum for 600 students.

RoseveltElementaryStairsThe Roosevelt School sits on an urban city block bordered by three streets with residential properties. The facility is accessible from two of the three streets, allowing easy access for students walking to and from school. The new building provides a long overdue upgrade to the neighborhood, and a sense of community pride among the residents.

Since the school is home to a racially diverse population, the theme of the school is “Paseo de los Ninos,” which translates to “Passage of the Children.” This theme is portrayed in the colorful, sweeping corridor that serves as the main entrance, linking the commons building to the academic wing. Within the entrance and throughout the building, the use of texture, silhouette, and color visually unfolds in layers. As a child physically changes during his/her development, various colors and shapes previously hidden will emerge into view.

The building façade is comprised of four unique wall systems. The first is a curtain wall of different colors and shapes. The second is a “black” wall comprised of a brick tapestry with various surface finishes. A “strip wall” of brick with a row of projected windows randomly placed is the third wall, and the fourth is a white “mystery” wall revealing a random pattern of three different surfaces. Under certain light conditions these seemingly random collections of different wall materials combine to form a unique building composition.

The school also houses parent outreach and medical clinic facilities which can be entered independently from the facade fronting the street. The building functions as a new community center with multiple-age play areas, a full gymnasium, a media center, a dance studio, and a cafeteria/performance arts space with a full adjacent kitchen. Also included is an exterior playground and soccer field.

This signature building celebrates Bridgeport’s post-industrial resurgence and will be awarded a LEED Gold Certificate. Construction was completed in August for the start of the 2015-2016 academic year.

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