Roosevelt LEEDAugust 24, 2016 – Completed in August 2015, Roosevelt Elementary School received LEED for Schools v2009 Gold Certification!

Roosevelt Elementary School targeted several sustainable measures – a sustainable building site, water efficient measures, minimizing energy use, utilizing locally-made materials, and ensuring good indoor environmental quality. The building site was evaluated for any historic environmental contamination, and remediation occurred only where necessary. Water use reduction was targeted by using more efficient fixtures, landscaping that requires less water including the use of artificial turf, or mechanical equipment that minimizes the use of cooling water. The materials used throughout the project were mostly specified to have a range or % of recyclable materials or were manufactured exclusively from recycled materials which contributes highly towards sustainability. Antinozzi Associates, with the rest of our design consulting team, also targeted various measures for environmental quality that included outside air delivery monitoring, tobacco smoke control, and systems that promote optimum thermal comfort; utilizing low-emitting materials for paints, adhesives, sealants, carpets, flooring, furniture, and ceiling systems; and requiring a rigorous indoor air quality management plan during construction. In addition, the building roof and electrical system were designed to allow installation of future solar panels which will reduce the building’s overall dependence on electrical energy.