Antinozzi Completes Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder Office

KofkoffSeptember 23, 2016Bridgeport, CT – Antinozzi Associates recently completed Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder’s new office space in Bridgeport.

In 2014, Joshua Koskoff, a third generation Koskoff, and Jim Horwitz, managing attorney, commissioned Antinozzi Associates to design a 21,300sf office space that reflects its changing office culture.

The law firm occupies the entire fifth floor, and 3,300sf of the sixth floor, at 350 Fairfield Avenue. Built in the 1900’s, the existing concrete slab floors and mushroom capped columns became the ideal structure for a partially open ceiling concept. Taking advantage of the old structure, the design of the newly renovated floors provides a warm, inviting, and open office interior.

The original space had offices located along the perimeter with solid walls and doors which inhibited natural light into the rest of the office space. The walls were replaced with continuous butt-glazed walls with a low wall to hide the backs of chairs and other furniture. A wood wainscot was applied to the low wall to provide the desired warmth. A private aisle was created to access all of the files needed by the staff at the core, and a common aisle was incorporated for the attorneys and their visitors at the glass office walls. These two aisles are separated by workstations of the administrative assistants.

The elevator lobby has a timeless and inviting composition – a space that can change with the times and responds to the business now and in the future. The lobby features a monitor recessed in a wood grille surround to once again introduce the warmth desired. A combination of finished and reclaimed wood was then used throughout the open office to tie in the entrance lobby with the remainder of the space. To create an ever-changing first experience when entering the office, three large glass panels with film applied to the back can be easily replaced throughout the different stages of the firm.

Each attorney’s office implemented furniture that was personally selected, exhibiting their character. A standard furniture package was provided to the paralegals and the administrative assistance staff. An interview with staff from both of these types of functions was conducted to assure the right kit of parts was utilized for optimized efficiency. To create traditional office space while also considering today’s open office culture and collaborative space, Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder visited New York City with Antinozzi Associates to select furniture that would represent the character and development of the firm. Several pieces selected included traditional board room tables, womb chairs, appel ottomans, and cozy sectionals, as well as sophisticated red leather chairs for the main boardroom that mimicked the color of the binding of legal books.

“We were looking for a concept that reflects our culture, blending traditional with new and innovative, while creating an overall feeling of warmth,” said Joshua Koskoff. “After meeting with the architects at Antinozzi Associates, we felt confident that they could deliver on that.”

“As architects and interior designers we thrive on clients that appreciate our creativity and respect our passion for design by allowing us to create beautiful and functional office environments,” stated George Perham, Vice President of Antinozzi Associates. “Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder provided us with that opportunity thus resulting in a successful project that all can be proud of.”

The initial installation is a large monotone photo of the founder of Koskoff Koskoff, & Bieder, Theodore I. Koskoff, with a quote stating, “If you are a lawyer, you are helping to mold the rights of individuals for generations to come.”

This article was featured in High Profile. 

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