Antinozzi Associates, Bridgeport, CT-May 7, 2012

Antinozzi Associates is excited to announce the promotion of four long time staff members to a newly established Associate level of leadership; three to the title of Associate and one as Senior Associate.

“On behalf of the principals and myself, we are thrilled to acknowledge these four exceptional individuals in appreciation for all of their efforts to advance our firm”, said Michael Ayles, Principal of Business Development.  “Based on our recent observations, speaking with the staff that work with them, and recognizing how much they have contributed (and continue to contribute) to the firm, we knew it was the right decision to create this title and promote these professionals as the first ones to this level.  We see them as future leaders of the company.”

After many years of working with the firm, David C. Ferris, Jose A. Imery, Kevin J. Matis and Patricia J. McKeon have proven themselves through their diverse talents in the areas of design, project management, and technology.

For seven years, David Ferris, Associate AIA has been a key member of the firm, capable of directing and managing our most complicated (and largest) public school projects and guiding his team from start to finish.  From initial conception through construction, he has proven his leadership and competency on numerous levels, ensuring time efficiency and cost accuracy.  To go along with his charismatic personality, Mr. Ferris’ passion for the architecture profession and community mentoring exemplifies his new title as Associate.

Jose Imery joined Antinozzi Associates in 2006, from one of the largest design firms in the world, to solely manage retail branch projects for one of the firm’s most prominent financial clients.  It did not take long to see his keen eye for detail and technical coordination and he soon became chair of the firm’s quality assurance committee.  From developing in-house document review and organization standards, to maintaining strong relationships with our most loyal on-call clients, Mr. Imery is sure to continue the advancement of the firm for many years to come.

Since graduating from architecture school in the late 1990’s, Kevin Matis, LEED-AP has been instrumental in the successful development of the firm’s projects – both through management and technology.  Regardless of project scope or size, his eagerness to learn, and teach others in the firm, allow him to excel in project management, building detailing, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology.  Mr. Matis has become the prime “advisor” in keeping the firm’s staff updated with both hardware/networking solutions, as well as the latest BIM software and training.  Mr. Matis’ diverse knowledge and proactive nature earned him the role of Associate.

With a broad range of skills that include interior design, space programming/planning, project management, and client relations, Patti McKeon, NCIDQ joined Antinozzi Associates in 1998 and became the firm’s Senior Interior Designer in 2006.  Her direct, yet sensitive, ability to translate each client’s functional needs into a creative vision has made her a key asset in the firm’s interior design project success.  Ms. McKeon’s quiet leadership, 25 years of experience, and longevity with the firm made it an easy decision to give her the title of Senior Associate.

Antinozzi Associates is looking forward to the many professional and business opportunities these four individuals will bring to their new positions.

About the Associate Positions:


An employee who, by demonstrating a diverse or special set of skills of value to the firm, has achieved a level of professional recognition for their successful collaboration with the firm’s Principals and the entire staff – both inside and outside of the firm.  Individuals have proven to be an authority in a particular subject matter and/or have demonstrated a high level of effective management on the firm’s design projects.

Senior Associate

A licensed/registered professional with at least five years at Antinozzi Associates who has demonstrated exceptional competence, achievement, and/or leadership with the firm’s clients, consultants, and staff. Individuals have proven, over a sustained period of time, a superior ability to design, manage, or lead the firm’s projects to successfully attract additional work for the firm and be considered a leader in the design industry.